CPR for a pregnant woman saved her life

In the first half of May 2021 Security Officer Samira Faqiri saved the life of a Muslim female who was fasting and pregnant.

The female subject went unconscious and lost her pulse and breath. Security Officer  Samira Faqiri, along with Security Officers Inderroop Singh and Sukhvir Kooner, called paramedics and performed CPR and vital checks on the patient until her pulse returned and she started breathing.

When paramedics arrived to take the patient along for further care, they indicated that without prompt CPR, the patient would have had a very low chance of survival.

Officer Faqiri did this all while she herself was fasting that day during the month of Ramadan. 

This was another example of incredible teamwork, multitasking and performing in a stressful environment. Thank you, Security offers Faqiri, Singh and Kooner!