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Our nominees come from all across Canada, from all areas of frontline security work. Whether they work in retail, healthcare, private security, educational settings or any other area, our mandate is to celebrate their achievements.

Nominees: Rowan Steele & Sarabjit Sahota

Lifesaving efforts for a suspected overdose In January 2023, while on exterior patrol in the early hours of the morning at Bramalea City Centre, Security Guard Rowan Steele observed a shirtless male slumped over against a wall in the parking lot. Upon approaching the...

Nominees: Oshawa Centre security team

Teamwork ensured store employee got the help she needed Late one afternoon, the Paragon security team at the Oshawa Centre received a request for medical assistance for a female employee in one of the mall's stores: The employee felt like she was going to pass out....

Nominee: Glenda Fitzpatrick

Observation, kindness and de-escalation skills put to the test Officer Glenda Fitzpatrick of the Mobile Patrol at Keyano College Land Trust in Fort McMurray was on her way to work when she noticed a parked car at the bridge on King Street. She immediately put on her...

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CSLA is committed to furthering the recognition of security professionals in our community, and to demonstrating the crucial role they play in our everyday lives – even when we’re not aware of it.

Recognizing the importance of security professionals across Canada

CSLA is committed to recognizing, celebrating and amplifying the heroic actions of front-line security workers across Canada.

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