Quick action derailed an overdose

Security Guards Franjhen Concepcion and Terence Parkinson were on duty at a mall in Kitchener when they received a call that an individual was in distress in a washroom in the facility.

Both guards acted quickly and cleared the area, and then attempted to gather verbal acknowledgement. When that proved impossible, they unlocked the washroom door and observed an individual on the floor, overdosing.

Officers Concepcion and Parkinson immediately notified 911 and retrieved the first aid bag from the security officer. They then both began chest compressions on the individual, who was non-responsive. They continued first aid efforts until the police and paramedics arrived and took over.

Ultimately, the individual was revived and transported to a local hospital.

Thank you, officers Concepcion and Parkinson! Your swift intervention prevented this situation from becoming fatal.