Nominations for the Canadian Security Lifesaver Award can be initiated by anyone, whether it’s the Security Professional’s current or former employer, co-worker or client, or the family of the individual who was saved. To nominate a frontline security professional, carefully fill out the entire form below as accurately as possible. 

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Nomination Process

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Award Criteria

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The Canadian Security Lifesaver Award was created to recognize the exceptional people working in front line security positions who, through their actions, have prevented a potentially life threatening injury or loss of life.

The Canadian Security Lifesaver Association will determine award nomination admissibility, and nominees/nominators will not be contacted unless their nomination is successful.

The CSLA board will investigate and assess each nominee. Based on their findings, they will select a new award recipient each quarter. Each quarterly recipient will be announced within two weeks of the board’s decision.

Successful nominees (award recipient) will be asked to accept their award at a presentation ceremony (date and location TBD). If the recipient is unable to attend, they should arrange a company representative to attend the ceremony to accept the award on their behalf.

Award criteria falls under the following two categories:

1. The nominee’s actions saved an individual who was showing no vital signs. Examples include saving an individual through the use of Automated External Defibrillator, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, or Naloxone.

2. The nominee rescued an individual in immediate danger (as verified by credible witnesses). Examples include rescuing a victim from being assaulted/further assaulted by another individual, from a burning building, or from drowning.

To qualify for the award, the life-saving security professional must be employed by a licensed security agency in the province or territory where the incident occurred. This recognition is aimed at frontline security personnel so emergency services (such as police, fire, ambulance, etc.) do not qualify for the award at this time.



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    By submitting this application, you consent to CSLA Board members contacting persons involved in the described incident for the purposes of verifying and quantifying the nomination, and publication of the life-saving event on the CSLA website, Canadian Security magazine and social media feeds. Note that the CSLA will verify that the nominees are in agreement with publication.

    Thank you for nominating a front line hero!

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