About us

There are over 140,000 licensed security guards in Canada.

These professionals safeguard our workplaces, residences, healthcare and entertainment facilities.

It’s a role that is integral to our day-to-day lives, even in adversity.
That’s why we’re committed to celebrating the front-line heroes among us.

Our Objectives

Celebrate examples where security professionals’ direct actions resulted in saving an individual’s life and that without such immediate intervention those individuals would most certainly perish.

Enhance the public perception around the professionalism of the private security industry.

Promote positive discussions around collaboration between Government, Law Enforcement and Private Industry.

Their efforts often go beyond the role of ‘policing and enforcement’. There are countless examples of unrecognized incidents in which security personnel, through their direct actions, have saved individuals lives.

Established in 2019 by Paragon Security, the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association® is a non-profit organization that seeks to recognize these security professionals and raise awareness of their significant contributions to Canadians.

The organization has expanded its membership to include several leading Canadian security companies, all of whom are collaborating in a non-partisan and non-competitive effort.

CSLA Board

To ensure the legitimacy, credibility, and success of the program,
the CSLA board is composed of non-partisan and non-competitive
leaders in the security industry.

Jody Reid CSLA

Jody Reid

HR Reit
CSLA Chair

LinkedIn CSLA

Mario Couhtino CSLA

Mario Coutinho

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club/Rogers Centre
CSLA Vice Chair

JD Killeen of Canadian Security Lifesaver Association

J.D. Killeen

Scarlet Security & Risk Group
CSLA Treasurer

Neil Sutton CSLA

Neil Sutton

Canadian Security
CSLA Marketing Director

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Ana Estrada secretary of Canadian Security Lifesaver Association

Ana Estrada

Paragon Security
CSLA Secretary

Blair Ross

Blair Ross

SSC Security Services Corp.

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Roxanne Krause

CN Tower

LinkedIn CSLA

David Sulston

Chad Kalyk

Paladin Security Group

Steve Hoffman CSLA

Steve Hoffman


Gary Lok Canadian Security Lifesaver Association board member

Gary Lok


Stephane Veilleux

Stéphane Veilleux


Become a Sponsor

As a non-partisan and non-competitive group, we encourage security companies, property companies, and others to join our growing list of sponsors to help honour these incredible frontline Security heroes.

Canadian Security Lifesaver Association®

The Canadian Security Lifesaver Association is a non-profit organization designed to recognize security professionals and raise awareness of the contributions they make to Canadians.