Saved multiple lives from a house fire

In November 2022, Commissionaires Mobile Patrol Supervisor William “Joe” Madden was driving along a street when he noticed a house that was clearly burning in the back.

He immediately stopped the car, called 911, and began pounding on the door.

He was able to wake the main-floor tenants, who informed him there were also tenants in the basement. Supervisor Madden then went to a side door and began pounding on that door to wake them.

Ultimately, Madden was able to get all tenants and pets out of the house and mustered across the street, in case of a gas explosion. He remained with the tenants and their pets until the Fire Department and Police Services arrived.

By the time emergency services arrives, the house was fully engulfed in flames. By his swift action, Supervisor Madden saved multiple lives – human and animal – with zero injuries.

Thank you, Supervisor Madden!