Paragon’s teamwork saved the life of a woman having a stroke on-site

In August 2021, Paragon’s Canada Square Security team in downtown Toronto responded to reports from 2210 Yonge Street of an elderly female who was not feeling well. Upon arrival, the team was advised that the woman was having difficulty communicating, and seemed confused.

Security Guard Karamjeet Kharoud informed the Command Centre of a medical emergency and contacted 911. Security Manager Jodie Leishman arrived in moments and took over the 911 call from Kharoud, who performed a few tests at the direction of the 911 dispatcher. These included raising of the woman’s arms, checking her rate of breathing, and testing her communication ability.

Tests were unsuccessful and the elderly woman’s condition was worsening. However, due to high call volumes, the security team was advised that Toronto Paramedics would likely be delayed, and in fact did not arrive until approximately 35 minutes later.

During that time, Canada Square Security stayed on the phone with 91, and kept the woman calm with reassurances and continued to perform tests as directed by the 911 dispatcher. Upon arrival, Toronto Paramedics confirmed, by a thorough assessment of her symptoms, that the woman was in fact having a stroke. Security Guard Christopher Faustin arrived and assisted Kharoud and Leishman, along with paramedics, to lift the woman up the stairs and out to a stretcher on Yonge Street.

Security Guard Erin Mitchell, who was working in the Command Centre throughout the incident, was crucial in documenting all information and communicating with the team.

The woman was rushed to hospital by Toronto Paramedics for further treatment.

A big thank you to this compassionate and hardworking team! (And yes, this is Jodie Leishman’s second CSLA Award!)

(Photo above: Top Left: S/M Jodie Leishman Top Right: S/G Karamjeet Kharoud Bottom Left: S/G Christopher Faustin  Bottom Right: S/G Erin Mitchell.)