As the first-ever recipient of the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association™ award, Paragon Security Manager Jodie Leishman earned this distinction through a truly noble act of bravery.

In the late afternoon of May 26, 2017, Mr. Leishman had just ended his daily shift at the Distillery District in Toronto. A young woman who worked at the chocolate shop informed Mr. Leishman that a mentally-ill man had been lingering in the store and was making her uncomfortable.

She told him that the man showed no signs of aggressive behaviour and therefore did not feel like she was in any immediate danger. Mr. Leishman continued to question the woman, and after a few minutes, they each headed to the respective men’s and women’s washrooms.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Leishman, the mentally-ill man followed the young woman into the washroom where he confronted her. After a very brief exchange, the man grabbed the woman and threw her down to the floor.

The woman screamed out to Jodie for help, while attempting to shield herself from the man’s punches. The man landed several punches to her face, threatening her that if she didn’t “shut up” he would “kill [her]”. During this attack, the man also attempted to kiss the woman.

Mr. Leishman followed the cries for help to the women’s washroom, where he found the male assailant on top of the woman. He successfully pulled the man off of her and detained him before calling Police. Mr Leishman’s actions resulted in the immediate arrest of the man who was later convicted in court on several charges.

Thanks to Mr. Leishman’s brave and pragmatic actions, the community is truly a safer place.