Coordinated response saved a vulnerable individual

Security Officer Daymon Cada discovered a man sleeping in a snowbank in Calgary and recognized that, given the plummeting temperatures (-15C), he was at risk of perishing overnight if left where he was.

Officer Cada contacted the Paladin SCC (Security Command Centre) and requested assistance from officers Jesse and Lysakowski. Together, they discovered that while the man was breathing slowly, he could not respond to them in a coherent manner.

Eventually, the man asked to be moved to the nearby C-Train platform, and officers Cada and Olubunmi assisted the man to get there. However, the officers remained concerned that the man would fall asleep or pass out, then fall off the bench onto his face or, worse, onto the train tracks.

They asked the SCC to call for emergency medical assistance. En route, the 911 operator asked if the security team had access to an AED in case a secondary unit was required. Officer Daymon retrieved the medical bag and AED from the security command centre, and continued to assist the man until the Calgary Fire and EMS ambulance arrived.

We’re proud to recognize this Paladin Security team for demonstrating, once again, that the security professionals in our communities aren’t just there to prevent crimes, but are often also the watchful eyes that help come to the rescue when members of their communities are in trouble.

Thank you!