Immediate CPR prevented an overdose from becoming fatal

Security Officers Riley Boudreau and Jose Carrillo were on duty together at the Edmonton City Centre Mall when they received a radio call for assistance with a woman in medical distress. They proceeded immediately to the second basement level parkade, where they found a woman lying on the ground, not breathing, and showing signs of an overdose.

When communication attempts failed, they immediately followed their first aid training: Officer Carrillo began to administer chest compressions while Officer Boudreau kept the woman’s airways open.

Within moments, Team Lead Drew Mahoney arrived with the first aid bag, and they used the Narcan nasal spray. Finally, about a minute after the fourth dose was administered, the woman began to breathe again, and colour started to return to her skin.

When the Edmonton Fire Department and EMS arrived on-site, Officer Boudreau assisted in carrying the woman up the stairwell to reach the ambulance gurney. Both the EFD and EMS indicated that it was the quick response of Paladin Officers Boudreau and Carillo that saved the woman’s life.

Thank you, Jose and Riley! You are great examples of the compassionate, dedicated and committed security professionals who make such a difference in their communities every single day.