Persistence in lifesaving measures makes a real difference

On February 23rd, 2022, Paragon Security Officer Afram Zleik was dispatched to attend a men’s washroom at his job site.

In the washroom, Officer Zleik discovered an unconscious male, who was not breathing. Recognizing that this was a likely overdose, Officer Zleik administered two doses of Naloxone – but without success.

Refusing to give up, Zleik repositioned the subject and began chest compressions. After approximately 35 seconds of chest compressions, the subject woke up and was monitored until emergency services arrived.

When EMS arrived, the man was transferred to their care, and it was determined that Officer Zleik’s heroic persistence in a high-stakes situation made the difference in saving the man’s life.

Awesome work Afram. Thank you!