Embodying the qualities of an excellent security officer

While on duty recently at the Vernon Library, Security Officer Jon Ploeger sprang into action when a patron experienced a drug overdose. Without hesitation, he administered Naloxone and skillfully performed CPR on an individual whose life he ultimately saved.

From Officer Ploeger’s colleagues at Paladin: “Jon truly embodies the qualities of an excellent security officer. Not only does he ensure the safety of our staff and patrons, but he goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. His friendly and approachable demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

“In fact, Jon’s unique approach to security fits our library environment perfectly. His dedication and commitment make him an invaluable member of our team. Jon’s contributions and positive impact are truly immeasurable.”

Thank you, Officer Ploeger, for your heroic lifesaving efforts. And thank you for demonstrating, once again, that security officers play an important role in our community!