Fast response, CPR and Naloxone training saved a life

In November 2023, Paragon Shift Supervisors Isai Lopez and Nathaniel Deterville were on duty at a downtown Toronto office building when they received a call to attend the men’s washroom.

Arriving at the washroom, Supervisors Lopez and Deterville discovered a man apparently sleeping on the floor inside a stall and attempted to waken him. However, the man was unresponsive, and was sweating heavily, not breathing, and his lips were turning blue.

Supervisor Lopez ensured that the SOC Operator placed a call to 911 to summon paramedics, and then he and Supervisor Deterville took turns administering CPR. After a few moments, they administered a first dose of Naloxone by nose, but the man remained unresponsive. They administered a second dose of Naloxone and continued CPR. After a third dose of Naloxone, the main finally regained consciousness, and paramedics arrived shortly afterward.

The man refused further medical intervention and was able to leave the washroom on foot.

Supervisors Lopez and Deterville, thank you for your determination and persistence in saving this man’s life!