Rapid response to unconscious man

In November 2023, Security Supervisor Teodoro Jauch Benavides was conducting regular patrol duties at a movie theatre, when a patron approached him to let him know there was an individual sleeping in a washroom stall near the food court.

Proceeding to the washroom, Supervisor Benavides discovered the man, who was facedown on the floor in the stall and unresponsive to Benavides’ inquiries.

Supervisor Benavides instructed security guard Prince Bhalla to get the medical equipment from the security office, and contacted emergency medical services (EMS). When Security Guard Bhalla returned with the medical equipment, Supervisor Benavides passed the phone to him while he tried to remove the unconscious man from the stall. However, the stall was locked from the inside, so Benavides jumped over the divider from the next stall and was able to unlock the stall and pull the man to the middle of the washroom.

Following the EMS operator’s instructions, Benavides checked for vital signs and breathing, and then started CPR until the EMS team arrived and administered Narcan.

Eventually, the man did regain consciousness and was transported to hospital for further analysis.

Thank you, Security Supervisor Benavides! Your intervention and determination rescued this man!