David Sulston, MSc, CPP, PSP, CISM
Director, Security – Platform Services, Oxford Properties Group
Founder & Chair, CSLA

Winners of the CSLA Awards for Q4 2020:

Justin,  Justin (2) , Gabriel , Micha, Supreet, Harjap , Saud , Abbass , Kamil, and Steven
(for privacy reasons, only first names are used here)

Life-saving security intervention 

The Paladin Security team responded to call for an older male unconscious on the floor of the food court. Upon arrival, security found the male was not breathing, had no pulse, and was blue in the face. The team contacted emergency services, cut his shirt open, started CPR and attached the AED. The AED ended up delivering two shocks prior to EMS arrival. Security did continuous compressions for approximately 7 minutes prior to Fire/EMS arrival, with excellent communication between team members to ensure there was no compression fatigue. This occurred during the dinner hour, and in a crowded space. The team conducted crowd control, re-routing customers to ensure the privacy of the male. Paramedics arrived and the male was found to have regained a pulse, and was transported to hospital in critical but stable condition.

In lifesaving situations, teamwork is crucial

The teamwork was demonstrated during this incident was phenomenal. The security staff communication was excellent, with individuals going from compressions to crowd control seamlessly to ensure the best quality of care for this male. Several customers and tenants have complimented the teams handling of this unfortunate incident and how professional and compassionate they were. No only were the able to accomplish reviving this male so he could receive advanced care, but they did it while remaining calm and focused.

Congratulations to all our winners!