Fast-acting teamwork saved a life

While monitoring CCTV, Security Agent Abdullah Omar noted an individual lying prone on the floor in another part of the facility. He immediately contacted Shift Supervisor Shaun Nord, who reached the individual.

Supervisor Nord was able to determine that while the individual was unconscious, they did have a pulse, and it looked like an overdose. He administered nasal Narcan immediately and instructed Agent Omar to contact 911.

When the individual did not respond to the first dose of Narcan, Supervisor Nord radioed to Agent Omar to bring an additional dose, which was administered with the help of one of the building operators, who had arrived on-scene as well.

Shortly afterwards, Emergency Services arrived and administered Naloxone into the shoulder of the individual, who eventually regained consciousness and was transported to the hospital by EMS.

Overdoses are an unusual occurrence at this site, so Agent Omar and Supervisor Nord’s fast response and teamwork made a real difference. Thank you!