Incredible bravery and quick thinking

Security Officer Adil Ramzi was on duty at a mall when he learned of an overdose incident in one of the mall’s restrooms.

Officer Ramzi, along with his team and the custodial staff, jumped into action immediately. Thanks to their fast response and impressive teamwork, not only did they save a life, but they also ensured the mall’s safety and integrity remained intact.

From a letter written by the Operations Manager at the site:

“I cannot express how proud I am of the team we have. Today’s incident was well-actioned by our team on shift. The individual gets to live another day and was very compliant when being escorted off the property. Adil – great job! You and your team knocked it out of the water! Everyone understood their role! From restricting access through the doorways, directing emergency response, calling 911, and administering medical aid until the medics arrived. A life was saved, and someone gets to see another sunset! Thank you everyone – your efforts do not go unnoticed, and our property is a well-oiled machine when we all collaborate as a team.”

Just one of the reasons the Canadian Security Lifesaver Association exists: To ensure that more people know about the everyday heroes in our communities, making a positive difference every day!

Thank you, Officer Ramzi!