Heroic evacuation efforts in the face of a hotel fire

Tactical Security Guard Gulab Singh was stationed at the Samesun Hostel in Vancouver on September 16, 2023, when a fire broke out. 

At around 2:00 AM, just before Security Guard Singh was about to go on a break, he checked Samesun’s CCTV cameras where he saw smoke coming from the back of the building. Upon immediate investigation, he witnessed a huge fire engulfing the rear of the building. 

He quickly ran back inside, pulled the fire alarm, and arranged for someone nearby to call 911. He then began to assist in the evacuation of the over 200 sleeping residents within the Samesun Hostel. Security Guard Singh’s quick thinking and diligence saved hundreds of lives that night.

This incident highlights the importance of having an on-site security guard stationed overnight at hotels and residental buildings to respond to life-threatening emergencies. Had Security Guard Singh not been present to alert the sleeping residents of the Sameson Hostel, the situation likely would have ended in tragedy. 

To honour his life-saving efforts, we presented him with the prestigious Lifesaver medal and a certificate of honour during a ceremony held at Blackbird Security’s head office. 

Thank you, Security Guard Singh!