Genuine interest and care for others made a real difference

While on duty, Officer Brett noticed a young man lying in an alley. Showing genuine concern, he approached the man to check on his wellbeing, and observed that the man was breathing but unresponsive. Eventually, Officer Brett was able to wake him, and assisted him to a safer place to sit.

During Officer Brett’s conversation with the young man, he learned that the man had ingested some Tylenol 4s and suddenly blacked out. Caring for the man’s welfare, Officer Brett suggested calling an ambulance to ensure his safety, but the man declined, so Brett took the initiative to contact the HELP (Human-centered Engagement and Liaison Partnership, formerly known as DOAP) team.

Officer Brett continued to engage in conversation with the young man, who gradually became more coherent, thanks to the comforting presence and support, until medical assistance finally arrived.

Thank you, Officer Brett! Your genuine attentiveness, kindness and compassion made a real difference in this young man’s life.