Lifesaving CPR, applied promptly

The security team at 360 Main Street in Winnipeg were alerted to the fact that a woman had passed out in one of the washrooms near the underground food court area. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and 911 were called immediately.

In the meantime, however, Officer Usmaan arrived swiftly on the scene and took charge of monitoring the unresponsive and unbreathing woman. He immediately initiated CPR, while keeping EMS updated on the unfolding situation. When EMS personnel arrived, they were directed to the scene and took over the care of the woman, who they were able to resuscitate and stabilize, confirming that it was a drug overdose.

The EMS team expressed their gratitude to the security team for their life-saving intervention, acknowledging that without CPR administered at the right time brain damage could easily have occurred. Officer Usmaan’s fast actions saved her life.

Thank you, Officer Usmaan! Your actions truly made a difference and gave someone a second chance at life!