Thorough patrolling, keen eyes, and swift actions saved a life

In March 2021, Paladin Security Mobile Patrol Officer Nikolai Petersen was conducting exterior patrols of the Marine Campus of the British Columbia Institute of Technology in North Vancouver, BC.

While on his rounds, Security Officer Petersen noticed an unconscious female who had apparently collapsed in a tree line, directly adjacent to the campus property. Upon assessment, Petersen recognized that the woman was not breathing, and was exhibiting the symptoms of a drug overdose.

Petersen immediately contacted first responders via 911. He then initiated CPR and enlisted the assistance of a passerby to flag down incoming emergency crews. He continued CPR until paramedics arrived and assumed care of the woman.

Ultimately, the woman was revived through the use of Narcan, and was eventually able to walk out of the tree line under her own power. She was taken to hospital for further medical treatment.

Without Officer Petersen’s vigilant and thorough observations, and his swift response to what he discovered, this woman’s life would almost certainly have been lost.

Thank you, Officer Petersen – we appreciate your efforts!