Compassionate professionalism in a difficult family conflict

Security Supervisor Hanad Jayte, of Paladin Security, was patrolling the food court at a mall in Fort McMurray, Alberta, when he witnessed two individuals arguing loudly, and noticed that two children were with the individuals.

Jayte approached the adults (one male, one female) and asked them to keep their voices down when in the mall.

The woman then accused the man of abusing the children, and claimed she knew this because she was the babysitter and one of the children did not belong to the man.

Supervisor Jayte couldn’t see clear signs of abuse, so proceeded to call the RCMP for further investigation. He then walked with both adults and children to a mall exit, where the adults began to argue again.

Jayte noticed that the vehicle they were getting into didn’t have a license plate, so kept an eye on things until the RCMP constables arrived to speak with the adults and children.

Eventually the children’s mother and grandmother arrived at the scene. The arguing individuals were placed under arrest and the grandmother undertook custody of the children.

These kinds of conflicts have the potential to become very damaging, and Supervisor Jayte’s calm, compassionate intervention helped to diffuse the situation and, more importantly, ensure that the young children were kept safe. Thank you, Hanad!