Code Red response in healthcare security

In January 2024, while assigned to the Mental Health department at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, Security Officer Michael Truscello observed, on CCTV, a strange flashing light in a patient room.

When he investigated, along with clinical staff, he discovered the source was a blanket, lit on fire by the patient.

Officer Truscello immediately called for backup and reported a Code Red. The Code Red response team, consisting of Justin Soriano, Omar Zayan, Rebecca Riddle, Laith Sammur, Kenzo Abdin, and Tyrique Davis as well as many Halton Health employees arrived on the unit. Prioritizing the patient’s safety, they entered the smoke-filled room and successfully evacuated the patient.

Thanks to their heroic and exceptional actions, the patient was not seriously harmed.

Thank you for your observational skills and quick response!