Teamwork ensured store employee got the help she needed

Late one afternoon, the Paragon security team at the Oshawa Centre received a request for medical assistance for a female employee in one of the mall’s stores: The employee felt like she was going to pass out.

Security Supervisor Michael Broughton, along with Security Guards Michael Donoghue, Salma Peerzada, Jesse Page and Christian Vieira proceeded en route with the AED.

When the security team arrived at the store approximately one minute later, the employee was in a sitting position in the back of the store, and appeared very disoriented. Little information could be obtained from the patient, though she was able to indicate that she had some chest pain. EMS was called immediately.

Security Guards Peerzada and Vieira left the scene to meet EMS. The employee was very short of breath, was unable to respond to simple questions, and her speech was very slurred. Security Guard Donoghue determined her oxygen saturation level was at 89%, her heart rate was elevated, and her left eye was not dilating in response to light. Within another two minutes, her condition appeared to be worsening, with 30 breaths per minute, and was no longer speaking. She began exhibiting signs of a seizure and then stopped breathing altogether.

Security Supervisor Michael Broughton began to prepare the AED, but when the machine read ‘shock not advised’, Donoghue began administering CPR.

EMS arrived within moments and continued CPR while measuring the employee’s vitals. The woman was then taken to the hospital where she was able to recover.

“I want to recognize the outstanding work by the entire security team, but particularly that of Security Guard Michael Donoghue, who did an excellent job handling the situation by utilizing his training with confidence.” – Security Supervisor Michael Broughton.

Thank you to the entire Paragon security team!