Quick and decisive response saved a woman in danger

In November 2022, in the early hours of the morning, the Paragon security team observed on CCTV a woman entering a ground-level vestibule in downtown Toronto with a man trailing behind her.

It was unclear whether the woman knew the man or not, but it was obvious that she was trying to get away from him. She entered an elevator that is locked off at that time and was gone for a few minutes while the man waited in the lobby. When she reappeared from the elevator, the man was waiting for her and she confronted him, seemingly gesturing for him to leave.

They then had a physical altercation within the vestibule, during which the man gained control of the woman and forcibly dragged her to the ground by her hair, landing on top of her. He then proceeded to strangle her while she desperately tried to kick out of the hold.

At this time, Security Guard Syed, who was on routine patrol, arrived at the scene, pushed the man off the woman and separated the two. Shift Supervisor Charles-Currency and Security Guard Chow arrived soon after, as a result of what they’d seen on the CCTV cameras, to assist with first aid, as the woman suffered a laceration on her hand. Emergency services were contacted and Toronto Fire Services attended to assist with first aid.

The team, and Security Guard Syed in particular, did an exemplary job during this difficult situation. Their fast response and close monitoring of CCTV cameras likely prevented this woman from receiving serious bodily harm or worse.

Thank you, officers Syed, Charles-Currency and Chow, for your prompt response!