Teamwork prevented a stabbing from becoming fatal

Security Officers Anmol Singh and Letaya Yuros were on duty at Kelowna’s Orchard Park when they were asked to respond to a stabbing incident at the Orchard Park transit loop.

They promptly retrieved their first aid kit and reached the scene within minutes, where they were able to provide immediate assistance to the injured woman.

Thankfully, another individual managed to apprehend the suspect who had stabbed the woman, which allowed Officers Singh and Yuros, along with an RCMP officer, to concentrate on the victim’s wellbeing. Their combined efforts helped to stabilize the victim until the paramedics arrived.

Paramedics later reported that without the prompt intervention of Officers Yuros and Singh, the outcome for the victim might have been much worse.

Thank you, Officers Singh and Yuros – we are so proud (and grateful) to have heroes like you in our communities!