Exceptional de-escalation and lifesaving work

Kudos to the exceptional guards at Niagara College in Niagara-on-the-Lake for saving a life and skillfully de-escalating a critical situation, helping a student in need.

In March 2023, these security officers were called to the scene of an attempted suicide.

When the guards attended the scene, they communicated with the student, assisted the student in removing a ligature from their neck, and began breathing exercises with the individual to help calm them down until paramedics could arrive to assess the student for further injuries.

Upon removing the ligature, at first the student had difficulty speaking, so the security officers used a pen and paper to help the student to communicate by writing.

The student was able to fully recover from their injuries.

Thank you for calmly and promptly de-escalating and ameliorating the situation!

Security officers from left to right: Davinderjyot Singh, Sukhjit Singh Buttar, and Site Supervisor Matthew Allan.