Attention to detail saved a life

During the morning admissions process at the Renfrew Recovery Centre in Calgary, a person asked to use the washroom.

Despite being busy with other tasks, Security Guard Oloyede kept track of the length of time the man was in the washroom, and realized that it had been longer than usual. Concerned, Officer Oloyede checked on him, and found him on the ground, unresponsive and not breathing.

Thinking (and acting) quickly, Officer Oloyede alerted the staff and administered Naloxone, which successfully revived the man, who was then taken to emergency services for further care.

Officer Oloyede’s attentiveness and swift actions were instrumental in ensuring the man received timely, life-saving intervention. Without his attention to detail, the man’s crisis might have gone unnoticed and resulted in a far more tragic outcome.

Thank you, Officer Oloyede, for your exceptional attention to detail and your prompt, lifesaving actions. We commend you!