CPR and AED proficiency saved a woman’s life 

Last fall, Paladin Security Site Supervisor Steve Kirton discovered a woman unresponsive in a washroom stall in Surrey, BC.

Using his training, experience and calm thinking, he performed CPR and used an AED to deliver immediate assistance while emergency services were called.

Emergency Health Services arrived at the scene approximately 10 minutes after the call and took over from Steve. The woman was taken to hospital where her life was saved due to Steve’s heroic actions.

A month after the incident, City of Surrey Fire Chief Larry Thomas presented a lifesaving commendation to Steve. The Chief noted the the professionalism and calmness that Steve displayed leading up to the EHS arrival was vital for a smooth transition, and resulted in a positive outcome for the patient.

Thank you, Steve, for once again demonstrating how security professionals are using their training and professionalism to save lives in communities across the country!