Life-threatening medical incident at the Royal BC Museum

Recently, a routine trespass engagement turned into a life-threatening medical incident on the grounds of the Royal BC Museum.

While attending to what was initially thought to be a person behaving erratically, Officer Stephen Randall encountered that person lying on the sidewalk outside the museum, bleeding profusely from a stab wound to the neck.

Recognizing that immediate medical intervention was required, Officer Randall instantly rendered first aid to the man and called for support.

Ultimately, assisted by two bystanders and three other Paladin officers who were off shift, Officer Randall engaged with the man and maintained direct pressure on the wound. He continued to do this during the ambulance ride to Victoria General Hospital.

A constable from the Victoria Police Department stated that, without Officer Randall’s continued and extreme efforts to stop the bleeding – despite sustaining injuries from the encounter – the injured man would not have been alive when emergency responders arrived.

The prompt, brave and decisive action taken by Officer Randall, and his selfless efforts and commitment to save the man’s life, are just some of the reasons he’s being nominated for a CSLA Award.

Thank you for making a real difference, Officer Randall!

photo (from left to right) – Steve Eastman – Supervisor, Royal BC Museum, Bill Chimko – Security, Risk & Business Continuity Manager, Royal BC Museum, Stephen Randall – Paladin’s CSLA Winner, Paladin’s Director, Vancouver Island – Aaron Kolarcik