Training, calm demeanor and professionalism saved a man’s life

We would like to commend Security Officers Kingsley Jeyaseelan and Rishabh Jinger, both of whom worked at Morguard-Centerpoint Mall in North York on the Paragon Security team. Their heroism saved a man’s life.

When on duty, Site Supervisor Jeyaseelan and Officer Jinger discovered a man who was unresponsive and was not breathing. They jumped into action, using their CPR and AED training skills, as well as coordinating mall, emergency and police services.

After several minutes of compressions and three AED defibrillations, the man began breathing. This was just in time for Toronto EMS to arrive and continue first aid care.

Site Supervisor Jeyaseelan and Officer Jinger are commended for their actions by the client, Paragon president Kevin Sanjari – and of course us, here at CSLA.

Thank you, Kingsley!