Lifesaving actions – even off-duty

Security Officer Sayed Sadaat was on his way home when fate called him to be a true lifesaver.

At a nearby gas station, an overdose had sent shockwaves through the bystanders, but Officer Sadaat didn’t hesitate for a second: He immediately sprang into action, taking charge of the situation with the calm and collected demeanor of a seasoned emergency responder. With precision and skill, he assigned roles to the people standing around, and instructed them what to do.

Officer Sadaat assessed the situation and went to work, administering lifesaving CPR while simultaneously reaching for a Naloxone kit. With two quick sprays, he worked tirelessly to revive the unconscious victim. He refused to give up.

After just a few minutes, the victim started breathing again!

Officer Sadaat’s bravery and professionalism are nothing short of incredible. He single-handedly saved a life, and his quick thinking and courage should be celebrated.

In a world where so many people look the other way in the face of a crisis, Officer Sadaat is a true inspiration. Thank you, Officer Sadaat, for being a true community hero!