Quick thinking – and action – saved a life

While visiting the Kipling & Stevenson intersection in Toronto, ASP Mobile Patrol Supervisor observed a young woman wearing earphones walk into the road while looking at the ground. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings and hadn’t checked for traffic before stepping briskly into the road, oblivious that she was walking into the path of a speeding firetruck.

Supervisor Mounir tried to get the woman’s attention, but her earphones prevented her from hearing both his shouts and the sirens of the firetruck. Bravely, Supervisor Mounir ran into the road to pull her out of the path of the truck – which missed her by inches.

From ASP: “We’re so proud of Supervisor Mounir for his bravery and situational awareness. He put himself at risk to save the life of a passerby in a situation he couldn’t possibly have anticipated.”

Thank you, Supervisor Mounir – you are a great example of why security professionals are so important in our communities!