Swift, composed response to an emergency saved a life

While on duty at Olds College in Alberta, Security Officer Mirjam Richardson responded to a request for assistance from emergency services, who had received a distress call from someone at her site.

Responding swiftly and reaching the location, Officer Richardson skillfully persuaded the person in distress to unlock the door. To her dismay, Officer Richardson discovered that the person had inflicted a serious wound to their neck, resulting in severe, life-threatening bleeding.

Acting with remarkable speed and composure, Officer Richardson effectively controlled the bleeding and kept the individual calm until EMS arrived on the scene.

Thanks to Officer Richardson’s prompt actions, the injured individual was safely transported to the hospital, where they underwent surgery and ultimately survived. The presence of the RCMP and Officer Richardson’s co-worker further contributed to the successful outcome.

Officer Richardson’s quick thinking and immediate intervention played a pivotal role in preventing a potentially tragic outcome. Thank you, Officer Richardson!