A little extra attention makes all the difference

While Officer Ormandy was on patrol on a cold Calgary night, a distressed male caught his attention. The man was very unsteady on their feet and was trying to find shelter in the freezing cold.

Officer Ormandy accompanied the male to a shelter located on the C-train platform which he knew had a heater. The man requested that Officer Ormandy contact the HELP (Human-centered Engagement and Liaison Partnership) team, as they provide transportation and crisis support.

Before resuming his patrol, Officer Ormandy stayed to ensure the heater was working. Later, he bought the man a large hot chocolate, which he delivered while making another check on his welfare.

The individual recovered and then took the first morning C-train. Officer Ormandy’s community-minded actions and follow-up may have saved this man’s life, and provided comfort in a difficult situation.

Thank you for your caring approach, Officer Ormandy!