Observation and compassion made a real difference

While driving to a site, Security Officer Ashley Lamb noticed a vehicle in front of her, swerving dangerously between lanes and veering toward a ditch. The vehicle kept hitting the fence along the highway.

Maintaining a safe distance, Officer Lamb followed the vehicle, suspecting something was wrong. Eventually, the vehicle pulled over and Officer Lamb approached, to determine whether the driver was okay.

During their conversation, the driver opened up about personal mental health challenges. Officer Lamb listened compassionately, and thanked the individual for trusting her. The driver expressed thoughts of being at their breaking point and feeling unloved, unsure of what to do next.

Concerned, Officer Lamb asked if they knew they were driving erratically; they attributed it to their physical exhaustion and simply being “tired of everything”. Officer Lamb returned to her vehicle and contacted dispatch, informing them about the driver’s mental health concerns and emotional state. The police arrived to check on the driver and thank Officer Lamb for her help.

Thank you, Officer Lamb – sometimes just taking the time to stop and check on another person makes a huge difference!