Prevented an elderly woman from choking in Vaughan Mills

While on patrol at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre this summer, Paragon Security Guard Anjanan Tharmarajah (AJ) was advised of an emergency situation in the food court.

Rushing to the area, Security Guard Tharmarajah discovered an elderly patron in obvious distress. Signs included an inability to breathe or speak, gasping for air and beginning to turn blue.

Tharmarajah immediately employed the Heimlich maneuver, giving the victim abdominal thrusts and several back blows. She was then able to expel the obstruction and regain breathing – and she made a full recovery.

The woman’s daughter, who was with her in the food court, expressed her thanks for the quick, lifesaving action by Security Guard Tharmarajah.

And we’d like to express our thanks, too!