First aid prevented a man from fatally choking

In summer 2022, Paragon Security Supervisor Andrew McLean was working at his post in the lobby of Baxter Corp. in Alliston, Ontario, when he heard a call for help coming from upstairs.

Supervisor McLean immediately rushed to the scene, and discovered a Baxter employee attempting chest thrusts on the Baxter Plant Manager. The man was holding his throat, choking and sweating profusely.

Supervisor McLean stepped in and applied chest thrusts based on his CPR training. After several thrusts, the Plant Manager coughed up the water he was choking on and bent over in relief. Given that he was coherent and talking, Supervisor McLean determined there was no need for further first aid.

The Plant Manager was checked by the plant nurse a few minutes later and was declared to be fit.

After the incident, Plant Manager Steve Sims had this to say: “[Security Supervisor Andrew McLean] is responsive, professional, operates with the utmost integrity and does it all with a smile. We are so fortunate to have him as part of our Team here at Baxter Alliston. I was actually the individual that choked and I’m not sure I’d be here today if it wasn’t for Andrew jumping into action to help me. I will be forever grateful to Andrew.”

Thank you, Andrew!