Security guards have played a big role in our communities this year.

The CSLA Awards were created to recognize the crucial role that front-line security professionals play in our communities, schools, and public spaces, every day. Our mandate is to publicly recognize security workers in Canada who have helped to save lives while on the job.

We review and determine award recipients on a quarterly basis. Nominations for our Q4 2021 awards are open now, and close December 17th 2021. (NOTE: If the lifesaving activity took place earlier than Q4, that’s okay – we want to hear about it!)

Award criteria falls under the following two categories:

  • The nominee’s actions saved an individual who was showing no vital signs. Examples include saving an individual through the use of Automated External Defibrillator, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, or Naloxone.
  • The nominee rescued an individual in immediate danger (as verified by credible witnesses). Examples include rescuing a victim from being assaulted/further assaulted by another individual, from a burning building, or from drowning.

For more information and to submit your nominee, please visit our nomination page here.

Our mandate has always been to celebrate and raise awareness of security professionals in our communities, and the very many ways they help keep us all safer. 2021 has been particularly challenging for security professionals, whether they’ve been checking vaccination IDs in food courts, monitoring traffic in healthcare settings, providing quiet oversight in banks and credit unions – or in any of the hundreds of other settings security guards make possible every day.