Calling emergency services immediately saved a life

While Officer Shawn Boswell was on patrol, he observed a black Mazda SUV backed up to one of the property buildings. Upon approaching the vehicle, he observed a lone occupant passed out in the driver’s seat with the motor running. 

When the Officer Boswell looked beside the driver’s door, he noticed the individual had a needle cupped in their right hand and a rubber band on the arm rest. Officer Boswell knocked on the door window several times and even tried to open the door, but it was locked. He then called 911 to advise them of his findings and communicated that the subject did not appear to be breathing.

Officer Boswell remained on site of the incident until fire and medical arrived. Fire and medical gained access to the vehicle just in time and were able to save the man’s life. It was determined the male had injected a mixture of blue heroin and fentanyl. It was stated by the EMS staff that if they hadn’t gotten to the subject when they did, they would have been found deceased.

Thank you, Officer Boswell!