Written By CSLA HQ

A shoutout to this year’s winners

As we get to the end of 2020, we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate this year’s winners of the first Canadian Security Lifesaver Association awards. All of these security professionals went above and beyond the call of duty, saving lives and making a real contribution to their communities.

This year, thanks to the pandemic, there was a lot of talk of ‘front line workers’ and ‘essential workers’. And if there’s one good thing to have come out of this year, it’s that security professionals across Canada and the world were finally recognized for the essential workers they are.

If you know someone who’s worked in security this year, especially if they are a security guard, give them a special thank you!

Jaideep Ball

Aamir Bin Khalil – Paragon

Justin Thomas, Jorge Villeda, Anthony Galati, Daniel Ricketts, Kevin Berenguer & Shea Warner – Paragon

Illie Duda – Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Richard (Rick) Heringer – Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Susan Pritchard – Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Yousef Shaboo – Paladin Security

Joshua Van Dijk,Thujenth Baskaran, Joshua Alba, Karamvir Singh, David Law – GardaWorld

Jolisa Macdonald – Paladin Security

Jasmin San Juan – Paladin Security